Art Deco Furniture – What it It Is and How to Recognise It


Art Deco furniture is the epitome of alluring! Glamorous mirrors glossy woods slick metal finishes lush leathers jewel tones and exotic embellishments are all attribute of Artwork Deco design furnishings.

Art Deco furniture is really beautiful. It has mirrors, wood with a glossy finish, metal with a slick finish, and leather. The colors are jewel tones and it might have something that looks like an emerald or ruby on it. It also has embellishments that make it look more artistic and not so plain.

This type of design is making a comeback because these types of furniture can be found in many trendy homes today. Artwork Deco sofas tables armoires and chairs are in hot demand today.

Here are the most common characteristics.

Traits of Artwork Deco Furniture

Metal finishes

The 1920s was often called the Device Age because of the big boom in business and manufacturing. Factories started to produce goods very quickly. The rise of advanced machinery allowed for mass manufacturing of all kinds of things like radios, refrigerators, and lamps. So it is natural that home furniture would be futuristic-looking during this time too. Metal accents and finishes were a popular way to achieve this look at home furniture from this time period.


Luxury Embellishments

An additional furniture trend that arose during the Artwork Deco era was luxurious embellishment. Furniture items would have added accents of luxurious stones quartzes and jewels. Some of the a lot more popular accents have been onyx jade ivory and murano glass. Inside accent pieces like lamps chandeliers clocks and radios would include factors like this as well. All of the items together would produce a extremely wealthy modern day and luxurious all round appearance.

Mirrored Home Furniture

Deco style was at its peak in the course of the Roaring Twenties. The economy was flourishing and society started out taking an curiosity in luxury products. One particular of the most luxurious and glamorous investment would be mirrored furniture. Coffee tables dressing tables dressers and all kinds of other furnishings were being manufactured out of mirrors. If that isn’t glamour I do not know what is!


Ideas For Locating and Getting Home furniture

On-line Auctions

The fastest and simplest way to discover reliable antique furniture from the 1920s is to do a research on luxurious on-line auction websites like 1stdibs Sothebys and Christies. Be well prepared to pay a pretty penny although. Authentic antique home furniture can be fairly pricey. An Eileen Gray ‘Dragons’ Chair sold for $28 million at an auction in 2009!!

Antique Stores

Once you have searched on the internet, go to antique and classic stores near you. Look up furniture dealers in your local directory and contact them to see if they have what you want. They can help you find the right place if they don’t have it.