How to Choose a Chainsaw Size Best Tips on Choosing the Right Size


How to choose a chainsaw size is one of the most important things that you need to know if you want to own one. It will determine the way you use your chainsaw and what you should be looking for when buying one. The size will also determine the price that you will pay.

Easy Tips for How to Choose a Chainsaw Size

First of all it is important to understand what size you are going to need. Most people do not realize this fact, but a chainsaw can be cut in different ways.

If you have ever cut a tree with a chainsaw or bought any kind of woodworking tools before, you will know how big each part of the chain is.

Some of the chain is going to be very small, while some will be very large.


Chainsaw Terminology Guide

As chainsaws might be new to you we will cover some terms for better understanding.

Chainsaws are available as rechargeable, electric corded or gas powered. The larger sizes are generally gas powered as they will have more cutting power and can be used for longer periods of use.

The chainsaw’s blade is also tecnically known as the chainsaws bar.


Understanding Chainsaw Bar Length Tree Diameter Relationship

As a rule of thumb you need to buy a chainsaw with a bar or blade 2 inches longer than the average item tree bough or logs that you are looking to cut. This is because it allows the blade to cut the tree bough or the logs with two inches spare bar and can then make the cut in one pass.

So for 8 inch tree bough or logs you would need a 10 inch chainsaw bar or blade

Chainsaws come in all different diameters, and they use a different technique for cutting the wood.

The two main types of chainsaws that are used on the market today are those that are mitered and crosscut. Both of these methods are used, but the mitre and crosscut chainsaw tend to be more popular because they give you a nice clean cut.

How to choose a chainsaw size depends also on what type of chain you will buy. Chain saws vary a great deal in how much power they give, as well as the size or type of the teeth on the saw chain itself.

The teeth on a chainsaw can be classed as different types from ripping, mitre, full chisel, semi chisel, low profle and full component.

The Best Size Chainsaw for Homeowners

Another factor that is important when determining how to choose a chainsaw size is how you plan to use your chainsaw. For example, if you are using it to cut firewood, you would want a chainsaw with a larger tooth. The larger teeth will make it easier to cut through tree trunks.

If you plan to use your chainsaw for cutting logs and trimming small branches, you will probably be better off buying a smaller chain.

The weight of the chainsaw is also a major consideration if you are going to be using it for extended periods as you will be holding it and exerting yourself you will be fatigued quicker with a heavier chainsaw.

So always balance the size of what chainsaw you need against the larger sized model that you might think would be a better long term solution and future proof for all your needs.

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need to Cut Firewood

If you’re going to cut up most trees, an 18-inch chainsaw will be the best choice for you because it will deal with 90% of the trees you’ll encounter. In case you want to saw wood that is thicker than that, you will need a chainsaw that is 20 to 24 inches long.

In reality you may not need the extra size in normal use but and the extra weight may then prove a hinderance on your enjoyment of using your new chainsaw. Always balance your usual day to day task usage with the additonal size weight you might be considering purchasing.

Chainsaw Bar Length vs. CC

Bigger bladed chainsaws require more power to keep the chainsaw operating at the correct speed. Similar to the bar to tree diameter relationship therei is a CC to chainsaw bar length relationship which translates to 1cc of power to 1cm of chainsaw bar or blade.

So for the most common sizes this would be as follows:

Engine size
Max bar length
30 cc 12” 30 cm
40 cc 16” 40 cm
50 cc 20” 50 cm
60 cc 24” 60 cm


Another consideration when deciding how to choose a chainsaw size is how much you can afford to spend. Different chainsaws, even of the same brand, will cost different amounts of money. The cost is partly determined by how much power the chainsaw has. The features of the chainsaw and how large the teeth of the chainsaw sare.

The cost is also affected by the length of the bar, how many teeth the chainsaw has. And of course the brand name of the chainsaw will have an affect on the cost.

Before buying a chainsaw, you will need to do a little research into the different makes and models. You can find information about them all over the internet. There is likely to be an article or two talking about the chainsaw you are considering.

Check out all of the reviews on the chainsaw, because it is very important that the review is from a real user of the chainsaw.

A lot of reviews can be written by people who just want to sell a product but don’t be fooled. If a user writes a bad review, it doesn’t mean that the chainsaw is bad, it just means that they don’t like using it.

Make sure that the review was written by someone who is a professional, and has experience in using the chainsaw in question.

When you have all of your information ready, it’s time to start shopping around. Visit as many chainsaw dealers as possible, in order to see which one has the chainsaw that is right for you.

There is no reason to rule out a chain that looks good and may just have everything that you want. If you aren’t sure what kind of chainsaw that you want, you should consider getting a chainsaw catalogue. Some of these come with detailed information, including pictures.

It is important to know what you are looking for, so make sure that you look through the catalogue carefully.

It might seem like a lot of work to learn how to choose a chainsaw size. But that’s just because we are dealing with power tools. Just focus on what you need at first. And you should be able to figure out what size you need fairly quickly.

Once you get to know how chainsaws work, you will eventually know how to choose a size that works for you. Before long, you will be able to cut down those challenging tree branches and enjoy all of the things that only chainsaws and chainsaw owners can do!