5 Easy Tips to Get a High Yield in Hydroponics Gardening


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easy tips to get a high yield in hydroponics gardening

Many people are not familiar with the hydroponic method of gardening but experienced hydroponic gardeners know the secrets of this modern gardening method. In or research we asked them to share their best secrets for how to get a high yield in hydroponics gardening.

Hydroponics, one of the branches of hydro culture, has become a very popular approach in modern agriculture. It simply refers to a widespread practice of growing plants by using mineral nutrients contained in water rather than soil. A while back, not many people were aware that plants could do equally well with their roots suspended in a solution of mineral nutrients. This is very possible, as long an inert medium like mineral wool, gravel, perlite or expanded clay is present. However, it is a very delicate process that requires due diligence for one to succeed.

Most farmers who venture into this mode of farming are only for one thing, higher yields. This can be achieved since the farmers enjoy absolute control of the water, mineral as well as light supply of their crops. This is why hydroponics has enabled even the farmers living in areas with poor soils to produce much more that their counterparts in more fertile lands. However, the reality is that not everyone who has ventured into this practice has a success story to share. Without adequate knowledge, your expensive investment could collapse under your watch. This guide will help you find out how to ensure you get admirable yields.

Hydroponics Must-Follow Tips


Succeeding in hydroponics or “water gardening” requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are some tips that could make things a lot easier:

Maintain a Hydroponics Grower’s Journal

Keeping track of the numerous variables involved in this practice can be overwhelming. However, if you desire to get higher yields, you must learn to record even the slightest changes you make and see whether they led to an increase or decrease in yields. Whether it’s about pH levels, lighting, water or nutrients, make sure every change is documented.

Be Keen with Water

This is undoubtedly the tip that most hydroponics farmers struggle to apply. Providing too much water could make the roots rot while too little water could actually dry them up. If you want to achieve higher yields from hydroponics, be more careful on your variations to discover the optimum hydration level and stick to it . Monitor the leaves of your plants after watering and note if they look perked up or withering.

Prune More Often

If you are interested in getting a high yield in hydroponics the next time you harvest, learn to make good use of the pruning shears. Prune off any parts of the shoot that appear to be rotting or infected. These parts only rob the healthy parts of the plant of valuable nutrients and energy.

Monitor the Temperature of the Nutrient Solution

This is another key area that many farmers usually ignore. Always ensure you maintain the temperature of your solution between 65-75 degrees F. At temperatures above and below this range, plants will not absorb as many nutrients as they need.

Buy Plant Stimulants or Top Quality Fertilizers

There is a debate on hydroponics gardening that as the plant root structure do not develop as much as in soil conditions if this is the healthiest growing method for growing plants. That is a debate for another post but understanding this restriction on the root growth allows us to manage the constraint.

In order to get a high yield in hydroponics gardening, the bag of nutrients from local feed stores will not help. You will need to invest in a plant stimulant or fertilizer specifically designed for this mode of hydroponics farming.

You should also restrict your use of carbon dioxide generators to when the nutrient and light levels are also high. Following these guidelines is a sure way to succeed in hydroponics gardening and gain a high yield in hydroponics.